Members of the BBMS Society

Juliane Weller


Juliane is a second-year PhD student at the Wellcome Sanger Institute working in the field of synthetic genomics and genetic engineering. Before coming to Cambridge, she completed her BSc in Molecular Medicine and MEng in High-Throughput Biotechnology. Her interest in interdisciplinary approaches motivated her to join the BBMS committee in 2020. For this year, she is excited to bring people from different biomedical fields together and encourage a stronger link between academia and industry by launching the society with regular events in addition to the annual conference.

Ines Horvat Menih

Vice President

Ines graduated from the Medical University of Vienna, obtaining her MD degree in October 2020. Shortly afterwards she began the PhD at the Department of Radiology, University of Cambridge, where she focuses on translating novel MRI techniques into the clinic of kidney tumour management. Ines was involved in organisation of the BBMS online conference 2021 and is passionate about launching the BBMS as a society to raise students’ awareness of linking academia and industry in the area of biomedical research.

Claudia Pallucca

Junior Treasurer

Claudia is a second-year PhD student with the Stroke Research Group investigating apathy in stroke survivors. Her background in psychology and cognitive neuroscience combined with a strong interest for translational aspects of scientific investigation led her to pursue doctoral studies in clinical neurosciences. Having previously worked alongside stroke and dementia patients to produce scientific results, she decided to join the BBMS Society to take an active role in promoting innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to biomedical sciences.

Alexandra Michaelidou

Publicity Officer

Alex is a first-year PhD student working at the Gurdon Institute in Cambridge. Studying Natural Sciences for her undergraduate degree, she chose to focus on cell biology, biochemistry and genetics and developed a very strong interest in epigenetics. This led her to do an MPhil studying the silencing of transposable elements (TEs) in humans. She is now applying the knowledge she gained from this project to a more translational field, working on RNA epigenetics in cancer. Being very passionate about promoting biomedical sciences and emphasising their importance in drug development, she joined the BBMS society as the publicity officer. 

Federica Magnabosco


Federica is a doctoral student at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit. She is interested in how our knowledge about the world is represented in the brain, and how we access and use it in both intact and impaired cognition. During her PhD, she will focus on developing new ways to study semantics in context during natural reading, combining behavioural methods and neuroimaging techniques. She joined the BBMS Society to meet awesome scientists and industry professionals from diverse fields of the biomedical sciences and to learn more about the complex relationship between basic science, clinical research and industry applications.

Martin Tam

Early Career Officer

Martin is a second-year medical student at Trinity College. He joined the BBMS society to gain insight into the diverse nature of biomedical sciences interplaying with other disciplines and industry. As the Early Career Officer, he would like to help students network with those who are further in their career and expand the BBMS society as a platform for students to nurture scientific interest.

Julius Christopher Baeck 

Social Officer

Julius is a second-year PhD student on the 4-year MRes + PhD Wellcome Trust Infection, Immunity and Inflammation programme. He is working with Klaus Okkenhaug at the Department of Pathology, focusing on the role of the lipid-signalling enzyme PI3Kδ in B cell homeostasis. Prior to coming to Cambridge, Julius completed a BSc (Hons) in Medical Biochemistry with Industrial Placement at the University of Manchester where he ignited his interest in scientific outreach while working as a senior ambassador for the School of Biological Sciences. As a social officer for BBMS, Julius hopes to bring together people from different fields of work while encouraging them to share their passion about science.

Britney Sung


Britney is a third-year medical student at Trinity College. She is currently doing an intercalated degree in Pharmacology and has an interest in the brain and how the different areas integrate to make us what we are. She joined BBMS to help organise an event that brings together experts in a wide variety of disciplines, and to be able to learn more about the contributions of diverse fields to bring about change in the biomedical sciences. 

Anirudh Krishnakumar

Speakers’ Officer

Anirudh is a second year medical student at Peterhouse. He joined BBMS as he believes the society and the conference are both a great platform for individuals from various scientific disciplines and industries to connect with each other and discuss pertinent health issues. He has particular interests in global health, medical technology and entrepreneurship. As part of the Speakers’ and Conference team, he is excited in organising events throughout the year and also the BBMS22 conference, which will host many distinguished speakers.

Daniyal Ashraf

Speakers’ Officer

Daniyal is a second-year medical student at Robinson College. He joined BBMS due to his belief in the importance of interdisciplinary approaches for solving contemporary health issues and to learn more about the intersection between academia, clinical research and industry. He is looking forward to working with everyone to invite incredible speakers for events throughout the year and the BBMS 2022 conference!

Delphine Depierreux

Sponsorship Officer

Delphine is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Cambridge based in the department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Her research focuses on innate immunity in various context such as viral infection, vaccination, and pregnancy. She is also interested in global health challenges, an EDI champion, and a vaccine advocate. She joined BBMS as sponsorship officer to help bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Chandan Sekhon

Design Officer

Chandan is a second-year medical student at Peterhouse. He joined BBMS as he believes the conference is an amazing way to form connections between the healthcare, research, and entrepreneurship spheres. He is extremely excited about working with a great team to organise the annual conference and events throughout the year. Chandan has interests in global health and research, medical technology, and business; particularly how these fields interrelate and can be utilised to make a difference on a global scale.

Joe Harake

Speakers’ Officer

Joe is an MPhil in Business Management student at Wolfson College. With a BSc in Movement Science from the School of Kinesiology at the University of Michigan, he is working to attain a combination of clinical experience with business management knowledge and skills to establish a position that will improve the accessibility of healthcare. As an aspiring physician, Joe joined the BBMS to continue working and learning in fields of his passion being science and medicine.