2019 Startups



Antiverse is building a world-first computational antibody drug discovery platform to predict antibody-antigen binding and provide antibody drug candidates. A combination of state of the art machine learning and phage display techniques is used to predict antibodies that bind to a given antigen target with high affinity. The resulting software can then take antigen target sequence, provided by the customer, and do a high-throughput screening of all possibilities of antibody sequences to detect the sequence that will produce a high-affinity antibody for the target. The customer will be provided with the sequences promptly, thus reducing the time typically required for antibody therapeutics discovery by 3 to 18 months.



Granta Innovation applies artificial intelligence and magnetic resonance imaging to oncology. Founded by serial entrepreneurs in AI, graphics and healthcare, we’re building on pioneering trials and the world’s largest prostate cancer MRI dataset, and growing to take our system through regulatory approvals and trials. Using machine learning, our software makes radiologists more accurate and productive at identifying cancerous tissue. Far too many cancer patients are diagnosed late, needing complex and costly treatment. By enabling screening and accurate early diagnosis, minimising overtreatment, we seek to revolutionise the way we manage this disease and aim to save tens of thousands of lives.



Heterogeneous is a comprehensive research platform that allows researchers to recruit, sequence and follow up with individuals taking part in their studies at the touch of a button. The platform aims to enable cutting-edge research on a faster timescale and to improve public involvement through personalised feedback and remuneration.






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