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JustMilk is a nonprofit organisation developing the Nipple Shield Delivery System (NSDS), a novel medical device with the potential to improve the safety, efficacy, and access to life-saving medications, vitamins, and nutrients to breastfeeding infants globally.

When worn by a mother during breastfeeding, the NSDS releases active pharmaceutical agents into milk which is then consumed by the infant. A wide range of medications and nutrients could be delivered to infants for treatment or prevention of conditions which may include diarrhoeal disease, HIV, malaria, or malnutrition.

With the NSDS, JustMilk aims to bridge a global drug delivery technology gap for breastfeeding infants, particularly in developing countries where it could overcome conventional administration challenges associated with limited availability of potable water, refrigeration, and medical care. JustMilk is currently seeking pharmaceutical partners.



logo healark

Healark is developing a personalised healthcare companion that aims to enhance cancer survivorship through science-based lifestyle guidance.

Our goal is not only to help increase successful cancer therapy outcomes but also augment patients’ quality of life during and following therapy, which will enhance cancer therapy as a whole. Our product will be delivered via a highly intelligent digital system that will recommend behavioural interventions in areas such as exercise, diet and nutrition, sleep and mental health.

Combining scientifically proven interventions with cutting-edge wearable and app technology to seamlessly monitor behaviour and deliver the most appropriate lifestyle recommendations enables the optimisation of our service for each user’s individual circumstances – a truly personalised companion to help cancer patients fight back.




GeneAdviser is an online marketplace for clinical genetic tests. GeneAdviser mission is to make genetic testing more accessible for rare diseases, oncology, prenatal screening and precision medicine. They are inspired by the unmet need in rare diseases, which affect 1 in 17 people. Patients face a long journey: on average it takes six years and visits to eight doctors to get a diagnosis. Genetic testing can help doctors find answers and open the door to treatments and cures.