Student Speakers BBMS15

We are working hard on bringing you the best and most exciting innovative research not only from well-known researchers but also from Your fellow students.

The two student speakers for BBMS 2015, who will talk about their experience in bringing the sciences together, to the public, or to the industry, are Miss Goylette Chami and Miss Paloma Navarro.

Goylette ChamiMiss Chami’s research lies at the intersection of computational science, economics, and biology. She will focus on how social network analysis can help to alleviate infectious disease burden in developing countries. In this talk, she will be addressing how we can use social network analysis to identify and distinguish among households, that are most likely to report poor health, and those households, most likely to respond to positive behavioural influences. This study was completed in post-conflict villages of Liberia, shortly preceding an Ebola outbreak in the study area.

Paloma Navarro

Miss Navarro was inspired by BBMS to join the volunteering team at the Motor Neuron Disease (MND) association, and has recently become an association visitor. She will talk about her experience in bridging the gap between the researcher (herself) and the patient, and understanding the people behind the disease and their lives as a way to inspire and motivate research.
One of the focuses of her lab is in studying  defects in protein trafficking along the axon, which has been linked to amyotropic lateral sclerosis (ALS), widely featured last year in the ice bucket challenge and Steven Hawking´s movie “The Theory of Everything”.


Student speakers will be joining the speakers and the committee for a private dinner at Trinity college.