Organising Committee 2015

BBMS 2015 is organised by a committee of graduate students from the University of Cambridge.

This year’s organising committee members are:

Teresa is also our fearless leader!         Henrike is also the Vice Chair for BBMS15 (read: she does all the work).         Hi, I am a 1st year PhD student in Peter Ledalay's lab. My research concentrates on elucidating the biosynthesis of gentamicin, an aminoglycoside antibiotic, and reducing its toxicity. My email is         Hi, I'm a PhD student from Prof Trowsdale's lab, working on human major histocompatibilty complex and immune recognition of Class I and II molecules. My email is         I'm a second year in the BBSRC doctorate training program in Biological Sciences, under the supervision of Professor David Spring in the Department of Chemistry. I work on an Interdisciplinary project incorporating microfluidic screening approaches and synthetic chemistry to investigate the aggregation of amyloidogenic proteins. You can contact me on          Leire is a 2nd year PhD student (3rd year from October 2014) in the Department of Pathology. Her field is in Cancer Genetics and her research is focused on the study of the genetic bases of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in order to assess their potential value in disease prognosis and treatment stratification. You can contact Leire on

Maxine is a first [second as of Oct] year PhD student in the MRC Epidemiology Unit. Her work involves examining associations between various modifiable lifestyle behaviours and cardiovascular disease in individuals with diabetes (don't offer her candy). Maxine is actually from Robinson College where the conference will take place, and her email is          I am a first year PhD student enrolled in the 1+3 PhD programme in Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease. My PhD project investigates cardiovascular disease (atherosclerosis) and vascular inflammation. I am based at Addenbrooke's Hospital. The email is           I am a 2nd (almost 3rd) year PhD student at the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research. My work  is on membrane trafficking.I was BBMS Chair last year and in the committee the year before.My email is

By the time BBMS15 arrives I will be a 2nd year PhD student in the Physics Department, Cambridge. I analyse the interactions of cells with different substrates, focusing on cell adhesion strength and interactions with bone scaffold materials. My email is, or you could just come to Queen's and find me there!          Hi, I'm Greta, a third year PhD candidate in Oncology in MRC Cancer Unit, Dr Phil Jones' Laboratory, where I work on low dose UV irradiation and non-melanoma skin cancer development. (any sunlight in England has to be generated in a lab you know...) Greta's email is, and you will never be able to find the MRC building... unless you are from MRC.