Building Bridges in
Medical Sciences

Providing opportunities to connect with industry, policy makers, and venture capitalists in the biomedical field.

About BBMS

We are a group of students interested in promoting and facilitating the translation of biomedical research into clinical practice. Therefore, we provide a platform to connect students and researchers from all career stages with leaders in industry, policy makers, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. We do this by organizing an annual conference, regular seminars, and networking events. 

Building Bridges in Medical Sciences is a longstanding one day interdisciplinary conference held at the University of Cambridge. It is open to everyone with an interest in the life sciences and biomedical research. It will feature speakers from a broad range of scientific disciplines, including primary research, clinical practise, public health policy, industrial enterprise, start-ups and much more.
This year the conference took place on Saturday, 19 March 2022.

Regularly, we organize seminars, networking and social events. Events of the past include, for example, “Meet the VC and FOunder” with Jason Mellad and Tony Kouzarides, and “Drug discovery using PROTACs” with Prof Alessio Ciulli.

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